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He also shoots Megatron and randomly declares himself leader without checking if the old one's dead, gets ridden like a pony by Shockwave, pisses off Bruticus and gets shoved out of the way (remember, the Combaticons aren't working for him for most of Revenge of Bruticus) and ends up begging for his life after rapidly getting out of his depth. If anything the two-parter is basically an essay for why not - he's completely incapable of thinking ahead in regards to the consequences of his actions, the other Decepticons don't like him, he blames everyone but himself when things go tits up, is rapidly superceded by Onslaught's team and spends much of the second half throwing himself on any mercy going.

Yeh, Megatron sucked that badly too but he could at least beat Starscream up at will and command some sort of basic respect from his troops half the time.
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