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Truth is Bludgeon was unique enough originally, and the RotF figure was a real "Hell yes, that's Bludgeon!". The best Hasbro could do for a recolour was pulling the name of someone who might have hung around with Bludgeon at some point out of a hat and thus basically admitting they had to recolour the thing and even they weren't convinced.

Banzaitron more or less worked, since he shared a similar theme. But, admittedly, it still looked like Bludgeon stole Banzaitron's paintjob instead. That mold is just way too distinctive.

This is a very retro figure in a way. While the past few years have provided highly desirable Classics/Animated figures that really warranted a wider release, this guy's a throwback to the likes of CatScan, Shadow Striker and Windrazor - an arbitrary recolour of whatever Hasbro offered that nobody really wants and everyone will have forgotten in six months.
FanPub has slowly been sliding into 3H territory by becoming a fanclub of themselves rather than of the Transformers franchise. This shouldn't be surprising, since it's a lot of the exact same people enabling this issue that did it for 3H as well.
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