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Truth is Bludgeon was unique enough originally, and the RotF figure was a real "Hell yes, that's Bludgeon!". The best Hasbro could do for a recolour was pulling the name of someone who might have hung around with Bludgeon at some point out of a hat and thus basically admitting they had to recolour the thing and even they weren't convinced. DotM Guzzle has more in common with Overlord than that did (plus, if you were going to homage Overlord and had to pick just one mode, you'd go for the jet, surely?).

This is a very retro figure in a way. While the past few years have provided highly desirable Classics/Animated figures that really warranted a wider release, this guy's a throwback to the likes of CatScan, Shadow Striker and Windrazor - an arbitrary recolour of whatever Hasbro offered that nobody really wants and everyone will have forgotten in six months.
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