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Default Botcon 2012 Info Thread

This is your all-purpose Botcon 2012 info thread.

The Botcon website has posted the brochure for Botcon 2012.

The brochure gives the usual details about the convention as well as revealing this year's theme -- The Shattered Glass Universe vs The Classics Universe.

This year's boxset will include:

Shattered Glass: Evil Ultra Magnus, Evil Tracks, Heroic Soundwave, Heroic Treadshot

Classics: Overlord (listed as Gigatron), Metalhawk


Overlord (Gigatron), remold/retool of ROTF Bludgeon: Bot & alt-mode @ Botcon, and Botcon 2012: Figure Reveal video. Close up of new head sculpt @ the Botcon facebook page.

Shattered Glass Tracks, RTS Turbo Tracks redeco.

Shattered Glass Soundwave, Universe Ironhide redeco/retool.

Shattered Glass Treadshot, RTS Jazz redeco/retool.

Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus, redeco/retool of RTS Optimus Prime. Close up of new head sculpt @ the Botcon facebook page.

Metalhawk, redeco/retool of Generations Thunderwing.


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