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Well, just played multi-player for the first time.. and.. people ENJOY this? The level discrepancy is a killer, if you're starting out and anything above a level 10 shows up, just log off, it ain't gonna be worth it. Also, sadly, the PC-bois are cheating already (lots of weapon cheats). *sigh*

Honestly it's not a fault of the game itself, though there should be SOME sort of level screening involved. The game's definately on the tougher side in multi-player even without the issues, but it's interesting enough that I stuck with it for a bit.

Basically, if you're starting out, you're probably going to get screwed hard, particularly since most players seem able to one-shot kill you without sniping or anything unusual. If you manage to get a couple of levels under your belt, you can start getting a decent play time.. but.. jeeze, definatley not for beginners.
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