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Just saw a (new?) T.V. spot that had sam in the jacket he had in the new Indiana Jones, WTF?
SPOILER! (select to read)
And two bots fighting looked like Sideways and sideswipe, not sure cause it was one of those 0.0001% of a sec then fade to black trailers. But if info i've dug up in the spoiler thread ( go check it out it's cool)) is anything to go by then it's not them cause sideways never transforms but once.
they tried to trick us with a shot of jetfire transforming by puting a clip of the fallen right behind it with no fade.
It had a bunch of things that looked like steel marbles all in this room that transformed
showed prime bringing out his swords ond cutting of Blackout's(?) arm.
looked like sideswipe was getting spun around in the air with sam hanging on for his life.
A shot of wheelie form the clip Nevermore gave us.
and it closed with mudflap being eaten by devastsor.
pretty sweet ad for the movie made me realize it's only 9 days away! just alittle more than a week.

EDIT: can't believe I did a frickin' double post again! Is ther any way I can merge the two together?

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