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Default Transformers Convention TF-ConVersions in the Netherlands

This Sunday is the day to pay a visit to the centre of the Netherlands. In Sports and Event Centre Merwestein TF-Conversions will kick-off the 25th anniversary of the Transformers with a big Convention. Loads of dealers and fan dealers will sell Transformers from all generations. Cartoon artists and kit-bashers will show their work and give demonstrations on how to draw or build your own Transformer. Several Contests like "Shooting Cyberduck's in a Barrel" and the popular "Jumpstarter Challenge" will be held.

Hasbro The Netherlands has provided a huge ammount of prizes to be given away for these contests and many more. For the smaller ones there's a Kids corner where they can draw and colour Transformers, play with Transformer toys and watch episodes of the Transformers.

The 14th of June 2009, from 12:00 till 17:00...

Better hurry with pre-ordering your tickets. The online shop will close Tonight, fryday the 12th, at Midnight. It will save you 2,50 euro's at the entrance if you order in advance. Normal ticket prices are 15,00.

For more info, check the website. ( Both in Dutch and English Language )
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