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I just got Demolishor this afternoon. After fiddling with the parts for about an hour, I have concluded that it is indeed possible to reshape him into a torso whose shape is similar to that of the "Scavenger" component.

From vehicle mode, invert the wheel attachment panels on the rear of the vehicle, such that the holes are facing out (do not alter the panels of the head assembly). Detach the treads from the sides of the vehicle and rotate the red panels forward (the treads should still be facing out). Separate the two halves of the shovel, rotate them 180 degrees (make sure the head assembly remains unchanged from its position in vehicle mode; this is a bit tricky, but doable), and reconnect them; the shovel should now be positioned on the rear of the vehicle (you may have to unfold the shoulder assemblies to make them fit; they are the only part of the figure that I haven't been able to correctly position yet). Fold the shovel assembly against the rear of the vehicle, and position the wheel attachments to either side of the scoop (this completes the pelvic area). Finally, rotate the red panels on the front of the vehicle (the ones with the treads attached) so that they point straight up (the treads themselves should still be in their vehicle mode positions, relative to the red panels). Finally, Without moving any parts, stand the figure up so that the treads are on top. Devastator's torso is now complete.

it has enough attachment points to add both legs (the components that attach to the wheels in robot mode), both arms (the peg on the side of each tread and/or the parts that make up his shoulders, as well as the large pegs/holes on the side panels that the treads plug into in vehicle mode), and a head (underside of head assembly, the small notches on the side panels that hold the shoulders in place while in vehicle mode, the holes in the tread assemblies, a small notch in the chin), plus a potential connection point for a seventh piece (the folding panels of the head assembly, unchanged from their position in vehicle mode, and the small pegs on the side panels). Is there a way I can upload a digital photo of the figure for the purposes of supporting my claims?

I'll provide info on the possible component transformations for each of the other constructicons if/when I obtain them.
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