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Well, in contrast to the experience folks seem to be having with the larger figures, I just picked up the first wave of ROTF Legends today.

Decent price as a bundle of 4 from Argos in the UK (12.99 set = 3.25GBP / figure - be warned, the first set they gave me was duff - two Springers and two Jetfires. Unwrap before you leave to check you get the set of four and not a load of doublers!). But only if you want all four. I knew I wanted three, and so took a chance with Springer.

I'm glad I did.

They're a huge improvement on the previous film's Legends figures - all of them at least equal with the best of the last Movie line.

The biggest disappointment is Prime. It's concerning that he's still miles better than the previous offering!

The rest are recommended!

(Bumbles probably offers the best film accurate robot mode, while I think Springer and Jetfire are joint most fun, with Jetfire winning overall for the superior robot mode articulation!)

The UK figures do not come with instructions on combing Prime and Jetfire. I will hold out on experimenting until I've seen the film. I'm quite glad, really. I'd rather not have the final look spoiled by a toy - I'd like to see that (and associated mass shifting...) in the cinema first!
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