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Picked up Knockout, Dead End and voyager Prime since I didn't grab him in the first movie.

. . .

Knockout is all right. Not really a fan of the fact that the panels on his legs just kinda pop off. Guess it's better than breaking, but I'm not a fan of stuff that pops off with little resistance. Especially in the smaller ones where a lot of stuff is going to pop off. However when you get him into either mode he's cool. I like that the tailpipe becomes a weapon. I keep wanting to call him Ransack because of this guy whom I really have to dig out of the garage wherever I put him . . .

Dead End has a lot of part rubbing during transformation. Like Knockout he's got two good modes.

Voyager Prime is the best one I picked up today. Wish I'd picked him up sooner, but then I wouldn't have had anything larger than a scout to pick up today. He's really cool.

There's not much I'm interested in picking up tbh. I want deluxe Dead End, Ravage and Swerve, and that's about the extent of it. They're decent figures. They just don't grab me all that much. Might grab a desert Brawl to use as Armorhide . . .

Looking at the checklist I might snag Scalpel, Ejector, Nightbeat and maybe a few others, but it looks like slim pickings for me tbh.

EDIT: Swerve too. Plan on grabbing him instead of Sideswipe since my autobots have a silver car because of Jazz.

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