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I thought to post this in "latest acquisitions" in the toy forum, but it seems the ball is already rolling here so...

Just got back from my Wal-Mart. Saw them. A handful of them at least. Only several characters but many of each of those. The Deluxes were BB (the only one packed in robot mode, which only served to focus on his horrible new face), Breakaway, Sideways, Sideswipe, Rampage. Voyagers of Ironhide, Demolisher, Starscream, and...Optimus Prime? (A voyager? I had no idea a voyager of OP was on the roster!) Sad that only roughly half of these are new characters. And one (Breakaway) most likely a non-movie character.

Oh, and the Fast Action Battlers too! (Or whatever they're called.)

So I had enough cash on hand to pick up two. Sideswipe I grabbed immediately before even sorting out how many I should pick up today. I had a REALLY hard time choosing a second one. Sideways I was interested in, but the most similar to Sideswipe which is why I passed on him. (Will probably get him later though.) Out of the rest, only Rampage and Jolt looked somewhat tempting.

Originally Posted by Notabot View Post
So I've avoided this thread completely until now, because I wanted to actually see the toys for the first time when they hit the shelves. My Target got them in today and I am absolutely... underwhelmed.
Underwhelmed is the word! I remember this time in '07, the movie toys AND first run of Robot Heroes hit my stores at the same time. And I remember feeling pretty excited about it all. This time around it was "I finally have Sideswipe!" but that was it. One toy surely doesn't constitute an "event." As for quality, I've only really had time to roll him around on the table but he certainly doesn't have the "feel" the first movie figures had. In terms of looks and feel, I feel like I'm holding Universe Silverstreak all over again. Yes, he even has those wheels.

Haven't even transformed him yet (here's praying the robot mode is as awesome as the photo indicates) but his vehicle mode contains a whopping ONE paint app. (Two if you get technical and count the silver, of course.) On the tail lights. And this mostly seems done to accent the robot mode. No black on the grille, no red and white on the Corvette ribbon, nothing. (Cue premium series next year?)

Originally Posted by BlacknRedTed View Post
At walmart, all there stuff was out in full force, and I am happy to say that the price has went down a dollar for the deluxes. They where only $11.88, and that is better then $12.99, and they had rampage, soundwave, BB, sideways, sideswipe, breakaway, and I think a few others. Voyagers they had was, the red constructicon( the unicycle bot), SS, and another one. They also had the leader prime and megatron, so I cant wait to pick up more.
I have no TrU in my area and wasn't able to make it to Target or anywhere else today. But I did hit Wal-Mart and the ROTF stuff certainly wasn't in full force here. But that's cool. I think I'll just live with Sideswipe and maybe decide to pick up a few more after seeing the movie. But the Legends class Constructicons I'm really keen on as well.

And, yeah, the price change was immediately noticed and a nice surprise.

BTW, if this is coming across as fan whinery, trust me, it's not! I'm not unhappy with Sideswipe. Despite his "cheap" feeling material and lack of paint apps, the car mode is not unattractive. And I display in robot mode anyway, I'm watching a few video reviews now, and his robot mode seems decent enough! I think he'll look good standing on the movie shelf. Now I'm off to transform him.

Edit: Back. The robot mode is sweet! Yeah, a bitch to stand at first but once you get him standing, it's pretty solid.

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