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So I've avoided this thread completely until now, because I wanted to actually see the toys for the first time when they hit the shelves. My Target got them in today and I am absolutely... underwhelmed.

I haven't looked back to see what future waves hold, but this wave looks awful! The packaging is bland, most of the decent toys are just retools and repaints of the first movie line, and the new stuff really looks horrible in my opinion. What's with all the unicycles? Chromia's got great potential, but she's got no legs! Demolishor is arms on a wheel. Wheelie's packaged in robot mode, and that doesn't do him any favors.

I'm really disappointed here. I was stoked to hear that they were out today, but I honestly walked away without buying a single thing. On the plus side, it might be easier to stick to our budget this summer. Here's hoping some of the future toys look better!
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