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Originally Posted by another tf fan View Post
The principle cast is signed on through TF3. That obviously doesn't mean were getting a TF3 but I'm pretty sure we will. Bay has expressed an interest in doing up to 5 movies.
Yes, but i'm still waiting for 'Lost in Space 2' (supposed to be a three-movie deal too)

I can imagine directing this sort of thing, in the manner that he does, can cause a high degree of burnout (especially as these two have been made almost back-to back, with only a gap for him to do Friday 13th). He's a very, um, 'frenetic' director it seems, so I can understand taking a year out before a third.

I really can't see it stretching to five movies. Awesome if so, but I somehow doubt it.

It sad really. As much as Transformer-dom is peaking now (movies, animated, return of comics, etc, etc), it's also kinda clear that it can't last forever. sooner or later it's gonna quieten down to a background level again, once the movies are done with.

@Hasbro: Now might be a good time to announce what's coming after animated. Something is coming after animated... right?
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