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Yes! Watched it several times last night and just again twice more. I'm still greatly surprised that we saw so much in terms of the new robot character. And it does for me exactly what a teaser should- want more right now! (Cannot wait until the thirteenth!)

SPOILER! (select to read)
In fact, I'm anticipating this one more now than I ever did the first one. The action sequences surely help. When the Audi (I'm convinced is Barricade, btw) does the roll and transform bit it's just so righteous! It screams "Transformers" more than any moment in the first movie, imho. Would've loved to see more of THAT in the underwhelming Barricade/Bumblebee chase scene in the first movie.

It's also pretty obvious by now that the unicycle guy is just one Constructicon. Devastator should be massive! Not to mention Sideswipe and Soundwave and the Fallen's already looking awesome and the whole load has hardly been shot!

Arcee bot jumping up behind the Audi in car mode, btw! There are some people at other sites claiming they see two!

I'm very surprised Bumblebee wasn't seen in the teaser. He seems to be Dreamworks' TF poster boy, moreso than even Optimus.

If you look closely, it seems more like Megatron is the one pinning Sam down. I know Bay denies Megatron appears in this one, but that seems to be one of the few true bits of misinformation. The cut of the clip implies it's Starscream, but teaser and trailer edits are nothing to go by as the first movie proves.

Edit: Just a quick comment on the human characters seen. Lennox! He's just so cool! Sam's line: "you don't stop, you don't hide, you run." Meh...nice way to waste a second that could've been used for more robot goodness.


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