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SPOILER! (select to read)
I'm pretty sure that wasn't Sideswipe rolling because the Audi logo is visible, and well, it's certainly not a corvette anyways.

I'm extremely confused now concerning our favorite gestalt...The big unicycle guy is sweet, no doubt, but is that just a piece of the whole? Judging by the toy it is, and that means the combined whole is gonna be unimaginably gigantic. Think of how that shovel dwarfed Prime, and Prime is really tall. I'm also pretty sure that he is the same character that swatted the helicopter after review.
SPOILER! (select to read)
Just slowed it down by half in WMM. Personally, I'm hoping the unicycle is a single 'Con or just part of Devastator as well. Unicycle Guy alone is awesome enough! And I seriously wasn't expecting the big Devastator reveal to be in the first teaser. And, yeah, seems to be the same guy that slapped the chopper. When it's crashing through the bridge at the end, he certainly looks like only the upper half of a Transformer.

The car! The only clip I really watched by pausing and going frame by frame. In the last frame or two of its bit, that car definitely looks more black than allover silver and the robot mode sure looks enough like Barricade, who the Audi is heavily rumoured to be. (Then again, I'm wishing it's Soundwave's Earth mode...)

Ravage...could be worse.

Can't sort out who, or what, is smacking the hell out of Prime. Looks a bit like he's being headbutted though.

The "transformer noise" and "Revenge" blurbs are far more obvious at half speed as well.

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