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we all know how 'flexible' its possible to be regards names of characters. as for whether or not the arcee combiner is defined as triocon (y'know, a duocon but with three of them) or combiner. using the same movie footage, just a simple last-minute change of dialogue could be enough to make the change between the two. i suppose thats the difference when a movie is so heavy in voice-over work, it makes it easy to re-edit.

devabrawlastator is one example (Hasbro insisted on a last-minute name change, Bay, ummm, forgot). you'll notice though that he is never reffered to by name outside of the captions ("That big tank thing's getting up!"), so in theory, the change would have been minimal.

My own thinking is that Arcee is a triocon, but such a trivial difference means (as everyone esle has said) thatwe'll really have to wait and see. thats an idea i like.


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