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Less than meets the eye
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Really? i love it when they get really wound up. I applaud the efforts of anyone not posting in their first language, but un-proof-read rants can be most amusing... but then i have lolcats at the top of my rss feed, which speaks to my english sense of humour.

on-topic, i was just thinking the same as s-windell about packaging in robot mode. it reminded me of when i took my fiancee - then my girlfriend of a few weeks - into the toy isle of Target. As I picked two movie-line deluxes off the peg (in vehicle mode), she politely asked "So, do they, umm, 'do' anything then?". seven months later we went to botcon together, so i can't have completely scared her off.

total guess, but perhaps this is designed to aesthetically place them more in the 'action figure' section than the 'toy vehicle' one? perhaps this has a marginally bigger draw? or someone at hasbro marketing is engaging in some pop-psychology; demise of the auto industry, drop in sales of toy cars, something like that. might submit this as a question for the hasbro Q&A's, as i often wonder how much hasbros marketing decisions are fact-based or a matter of test-the-water/suck-it-and-see.
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