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Originally Posted by Treadshot A1 View Post
Why do you people not accept the fact that there are just some things other people can't stand, and move on? Sure, i can rename it, , i'll probably do more than that to it, but it's just lost most of it's appeal for me.

Oh, and also, if there were some good points about it, i'd pretty surely mention them...

In other words, i was on the fence before, and this is just the final nail in the coffin.
I know how it hurts. Sometimes are the facts to painful for people to be understood. And on other occasions people can only see the bad things about someone's opinion. And what you're saying about the good points is also true, because if I didn't like the upcoming Prime's swords I wouldn't even bother to mention them in my opinion. Its just what someone is seeing and sometimes people can't stand it that one doesn't see their side of the story and then you get this. Well everybody, if would be a pleasure if you now would be likely to move on.
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