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Possible maybe. But was it actually any good articulation wise 25 years ago? And look at the complaint about the energon gestalts. two mold repainted each, no hands, no feet, etc, etc. Maybe standards have been set higher.

Though this is not to say i don't care if it doesn't combine or anything; rater, i'd love a combiner, just pointing out a few things.
SPOILER! (select to read)
Yes, the old school ones were bricks, but I don't see any reason why articulation can't be introduced into combiners. We've seen it happen. (The Energon ones are good examples. And, to nitpick, the silly prongs that pass as hands and feet are legit complaints, imho. (The box are for the Universe repaint of Bruticus doesn't help.) Though if movie-verse Devastator has these it wouldn't be so ridiculous, going by movie aesthetics.

I'm sorry if I'm coming across as a whiner. Honestly, Devastator is the ROTF character I'm looking most forward to seeing. After that I'll decide on whether or not to get the toy. If he looks good, awesome! If he doesn't, money saved! Win either way.

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