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Life is.. So unpredictable..
The mini-apple.

Louise Ovelon piloted Gazzette(a dark blue whirl) in Dorvack. So its a play on the pilot-girls last name.

Mugen Musato, he piloted Calibur (roadbuster) and was the main charecter.

Pierre Boneparte piloted the Talcus. HE DIES! and they cry.. Its a weak death.. Undubbed / Unsubbed it seems like hes killed by friendly fire.

Dumb Bastards.. killing their friend...

Its decent show. Better animation , it some aspects then G1. The transformation animation for 2 of 3 of the main 'bots (gazette and calibur) is pretty crisp, and comes off kinda epic, in a slow 80s semi-stock footage kinda way. *Oh TF ROTF TOYS , Yeah! Im on topic. Awesome.. Damn whirl pic page isnt loading on my comp... *weeps*

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