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I'd agree that if the constructicons don't combine that it would be a big dissapointment. I also sorta feel that having a combiner may be too big a step to take on a second enstallment. But it sure would be breathtaking.

SPOILER! (select to read)
No, what I've read rumoured is that the Constructicons do combine in the movie but the toys will be relegated to a) a set of vehicles which combine but no individual bot modes and b)a set with individual bot modes but no combination. (Again, allegedly-rumour-milled stuff, and I could be missing something since this came across to me as "yawn, no surprises here.") One or the other, toy-wise, which would be incredibly lame and lazy on Hasbro's part.

I hate to gripe, especially for something not even past the speculation stage, but I'm a bit tired of the "limits in engineering" or whatnot excuses. Especially for things that were obviously possible over twenty-five years ago...

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