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Default What's in a name?

Originally Posted by poyguimogul View Post
The fork lift is neat, probably get that. Dirt Boss is a ghey name...

If this toy was scrapper, I wouldn't mind.
The solution is simple...

Originally Posted by Blackjack View Post

Massively liking Detour/Dead End, as well as Scrapper. Rollbar looks nice as well.
Just ignore what Hasbro calls 'em!

If I pick up that forklift, I'm calling it Scrapper. (I completed my Robot Heroes Insecticons the other day, , and I certainly don't let a few tiny pieces of cardboard tell me who they are.)

I like the original Dead End. The Alternator Dead End is one of my favorite Transformers ever and this new scout named after him is neat enough, I'll probably get it on a whim. But Unicron's minicon guy is easily disowned.
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