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Default Revenge of the Fallen SPOILER discussion thread - expect SPOILERS inside!

The movie's out in the UK (and very soon other parts of the world) so it's time to move this discussion over to the movie forum:


* * *

This is going to be a tough one.

Whereas this thread is about officially revealed information for the Revenge of the Fallen movie, the thread you are currently viewing is for SPOILER info. That means you can freely discuss the leaked info, rumors and whatever else surrounding this movie without any spoiler warnings - mostly.

When you feel that a leaked piece of news contains a MAJOR plot spoiler, use spoiler tags. Since it's hard to measure what constitutes a "major plot spoiler", my suggestion would be to use reasonable restraint.

Feel free to refer to news from official sources in this thread too if it relates to leaked/rumored info.

A summary of leaked and rumored info will follow later.

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