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Are we going to be given a list of what we are and aren't allowed to ask?[/bitch]

"UK Generation 2. Were you lying when you told everyone you didn't write it, or were you lying when you said you did?"

"How much does it cost to keep Andy 'Andrew' Wildman fed on a weekly basis? I have a cat, and was wondering if keeping an out-of-work artist was cheaper."

"What was the point bitching about how Dan Abnett had totally missed the point of Death's Head when you did exactly the same thing when you had a chance to write the character again?"

"Do you hold the world record for getting comics cancelled? Seriously, you managed to get a mutant title cancelled in 1994. That's impressive."

"Do you pull the names for IDW mini-series out of a hat? Or is there some sort of computer 'random word ending in ation' program you use?"

"Are you jealous of Geoff Senior for getting a proper job and thus probably earning more than you?"

"Can you sign my copy of UK #332, please? It'll be worth more when you die that way"
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