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Life is.. So unpredictable..
The mini-apple.

Not huge on the prime recolor,but it isnt horrible.
Got Blurr,and he's as good as his armada counterpart,with a g1 accurate head
Never got Buzzsaw,but definatly wanted it,as its BW Buzzsaw second incarnation,and looks so good, I really liked armada cyclonus.
><; the only one of these whose mini-con would even be worth getting to me would be buzzsaw from the galaxy force:micron booster
Never got long rack, his headdesign is amazing, and dispite having a weird head in some scenes of the anime,was generally a decent charecter. Its a good remix of armada...(thats not hoist or smokescreen or grapple).dinobot^^
Runamuck. no comment.
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