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Yeah. It's an awful mold, but I feel an unusual optimism about it, since looks like an improvement over the original*. That and I do think the purple repaints were a vast improvement over Armada Sideways (aka the biggest dink in transformers). I do hope they eventually repaint the mold in white just to have an update of the Beavis and Butthead of transformers.

Blurr is an awesome mold, and I definitely tracked him down when they remolded him for Cybertron. Echo@his fitting into classics perfectly.

I really like the Hoist mold, and (while I don't know shart about the Japanese BW characters) the remolded head looks pretty good, plus they fixed the minicon gimmick that wasn't (the shovel arm had to be manually lock locked on the Armada figure every time you wanted to make the minicon useful. with the planet key they moved the locking mechanism so the key actually does something).

Buzzsaw is probably the coolest incarnation of the mold. Headsculpt is an improvement over Cyclonus and they managed to give him a front that hides the tank gimmick, but still allows it to be functional.

Supercon Prime has always been one of the better Prime molds. I've got the Armada release, Nemesis Prime and Ultra Magnus.

All in all, I'd say that if you don't have any of the molds it's worth getting.

*Having only pictures to compare him to my guess is that the G1 version is about as articulate as a Throttlebot (much love to them (I made a point to grab the 4 I didn't all ready have (got Chase as a kid and my brother gave me the blue one when he gave me his toys)), but they really have no articulation), and the Cybertron version moves his arms.

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