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As I keep looking at this set, my want for it declines. I actually think Blurr is the only one worthwhile. I originally wanted Runamuck in there too (I used to have his G1 version), but he looks quite clunky to me. And the more I look at Buzzsaw, the more his colors are borderline horrid. Is this set only going to be listed as "Universe"? Or will it also be listed under "Classics Series" as the other Universe releases have so far?
You know, I was looking for the "Series" tag myself, and didn't see it. It should be squarely pegged as "Cybertron Series", like the Big Lots Legends were... but, who knows anymore.

And, yes, the Side Swipe / Oil Slick / Treadbolt / Runamuck mold is god-awful. I never understood why we got so many different figures of that toy, to be honest. (Runamuck remolds the head, and swaps the minicon for a Cyberkey, but, still...)
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