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Can we just keep this thread on topic? I asked for info, someone gave info, maybe wrong, maybe not, but it's all corrected now. Either way, this thread is about the pack, not about staff or others being right or not, and it doesn't have to turn into a pissing match.
I admit, I blurred Lazerbeak's bio... It's been a bit. At any rate, both Longrack and Buzzsaw were meant to be "Beast Era" homages while Runamuck and Blurr were meant to be "Generation One" homages.

On the packaging note, as quickly as this thing looks like it's slapped together, you also have to remember that someone gets paid to design this packaging, and most likely has a degree in packaging engineering. I need this job. That way I could continually pack things goofy and retain my career.
What's sad is that to get the job we're talking about here, you honestly do have to have a degree in graphics and design of some sort.
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