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Yeah, Prime looks kind of squatty in the photo. And I think it's funny (as someone stated earlier) that Blurr and Runamuck are having a slap fight.
Yeah, whoever designed the packaging for this set really didn't seem to care all too much about the presentation. It's busy, and they seemed to go out of their way to put the toys in the worst ways possible. This was probably a rush-deal, though, which makes me wonder if - other than prime - there really were a lot of the 'homage' figures left over from Cybertron.

And, as for the site... I don't consider TFArchive to be "full of knobs", it's just that there are a few, and they happen to be staff members. :P It's not that being wrong is a problem, and I was wrong about the tech-specs (I'm old, dammit), it's the pretty clear riding in order to push me to quit.

This, of course, since I am old and cranky, has the end result of making sure I stay just that little bit longer.. each time. :P
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