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I am once again amazed at the fairness and generally adult-manner in which some moderators handle themselves. It's no wonder that TFArchive enjoys the rich and expansive growth that it has.

Aside from that, I only remember that it was the 'guy who made Magnaboss and was sent by Hasbro'. I was extremely busy at that particular convention, and only remember the question because it was something that Ben Yee, Bob Forward, and I discussed at the possibility of G1 characters showing up in Beast Wars season II.

And, no, I didn't considered either the Gathering or Ascending in that statement, since it had no relevance to the original intent of the character. That, and, frankly, both comics sucked anyway.

But, still, by all means, be a complete prat over something this minor. It's really worth the Internet Hatred that Transformers fans are known for.
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