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BM Buzzsaw is arguably the same character as BW Buzz Saw. But I'm aware of absolutely nothing to suggest that Buzz Saw was a reincarnation of the cassette. Aside from a similar name, of course, and nobody claims BW Scorponok to be the same character as the Headmaster.
This was bandied about for a long, long time, and was finally confirmed at BotCon 1997 by... the old guy who designed the toys (I apologize, I've long since forgotten his name). Keep in mind that a LOT of the first couple of waves of Beast Wars toys were supposed to be 'Beast' forms of G1 characters, and sometimes this was retained, though it was largely dropped as the show was produced.

On the other hand, Buzzsaw doesn't actually appear in any fiction for Beast Wars, and the tech spec, though hinting at his origins, don't make it absolutely clear. That's why I said it was stretching it.
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