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Default Sam's Club exclusive Universe Deluxe five-pack - OUT

We've seen a more G1-inspired redeco of Armada Super-Con Optimus Prime (or, rather, of the Cybertron variant with a Cyber Key replacing the Mini-Con)...

(original thread)

And we've seen an entry in Hasbro's website checklist for a Sam's Club exclusive Universe Battle Pack that includes five Deluxe toys.

(original thread)

Now we know what the pack contains... the Optimus Prime redeco plus unchanged "repackages" of the Cybertron Deluxe toys Buzzaw (Armada Cyclonus remold), Blurr (Armada Blurr remold), Runamuck (Armada Side Swipe remold) and Longrack (Armada Hoist remold). Name for the pack is "Battle for the Cyber Planet Keys".

TFW2005 is currently down, the above link should hopefully work again when the site goes back up.

EDIT: Mirrored image.

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