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Default Hasbro website checklist reveales purpose of numerous leaked "mystery" toys

As originally discovered by a Seibertron member:

The Hasbro toy checklist has once again been updated, with numerous new entries for planned toys we've previously given a glimpse at in the form of leaked samples, instructions, Wal*Mart listings etc.

Because Hasbro's website has an annoying tendency to redirect non-US residents to their incompletely, rarely updated domestic versions of the website, I'm gonna list all the newly confirmed toys here:

Note that I'm leaving out toys that have already been released, toys that have been revealed via official online store preorders and convention displays etc.

Comments in [brackets] are by me.

Movie toys:


Movie Scout
GUNBARREL [Sample seen in packaging. Redeco of Energon Kickback/Blight, the tank mold]
REVERB [Sample seen in packaging. Named "Decepticon Reverb". Redeco of Energon Blackout/Stormcloud, the copter mold.]
BACKTRACK [Sample seen in packaging. Redeco of Energon Lugnutz.]

Movie Voyager Screen Battles
FREEWAY BRAWL: OPTIMUS PRIME vs. BONECRUSHER [Loose samples seen. Voyager Optimus Prime, possibly minor redeco, and Deluxe Bonecrusher, very minor or no redeco.]
BATTLE OVER MISSION CITY: FINAL BATLE JAZZ VS MEGATRON [Loose samples seen. Redeco of Voyager Megatron, unchanged Deluxe Final Battle Jazz.
Animated toys:


Active Camo Lockdown with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Legends [Sample seen in packaging. Named "Stealth Lockdown", clear redeco of Deluxe Lockdown. Unchanged Legends Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.]
Rescue Ratchet with Prowl and Starscream Legends [Stock photos seen, including packaging. Yellow redeco of Deluxe Autobot Ratchet. Unchanged Legends Prowl, with new (?) Legends Starscream.]
Universe toys:

Optimus Prime vs Crumplezone [Stock photo of Canadian packaging seen. Unchanged Cybertron Leader Optimus Prime redeco (originally released as "Galaxy Force Optimus Prime" in the Cybertron line) and Voyager Crumplezone (original deco).]

Sam’s Club
Universe Battle Pack (5-deluxe figures) [Might include the Armada Super-Con Optimus Prime redeco we saw as a loose sample.]


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