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Originally posted by TFVanguard
You know, that's always kind of bugged me... is there a reason they're doing that? It's not like mentioning Ebay by name is a legal liability or anything.
It more has to do with the fact that a lot of prototype/testshot/whateveryoucallthems have been leaked onto theifbay over the past few years, and Hasbro has discouraged fans from buying these items because they do not receive any compensation from the sale of these items, most of which have been smuggled out of the factories that manufacture the toys. In other words, these items are to be considered stolen property.

Basically, it's Nevermore's way of citing the source of the photos, without blatantly pointing out where these items can be found. People used to just post links to the auctions in news threads, but that practice has since been discouraged, and any links are quickly edited out of posts, in order to show cooperation with Hasbro's wishes.

EDIT: Nevermore beat me to it.
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