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what could make this whole cartoon worse is if they hip hoppified the theme like they did in cybertron series. or hells below, mutemath or mutemoth or mutemothball (whatever the dickens their name is) doing the theme. i hope fun really does mean interesting and captivating wrtiting to the episodes, not just prime saying "bachomp bachomp, bachewie chewie chomp" episodes against human villians. hopefully what could be seen is villians like Short Circuit (was that her name in the comics?????) and Dr. Archeville, and later on Decepticons entering the scene. Speaking of this, the movie even seems like "Infiltration" the graphic novel to me, maybe this will have that in mind too. I will admit, CN does listen to audiences a lot better than most other networks, even though I think Adult Swim should premier the episodes like they did with the old GI Joe episodes. I just hope this is something new and exciting, and good voice acting too, poor guys in Cybertron series were kinda screwed over due to many things.
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