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Originally posted by Denyer
[B]Except many shows with this type of styling have large cultish fan followings.
Yes an know. A GOOD show would write to capture a wide 'family' audience, like, say, the first two seasons of Powerpuff Girls. This worries me that someone 'upstairs' said to focus on the little kiddies exclusively, like the LAST bit of Powerpuff Girls.

There's no reason a TF cartoon would be aimed at anyone older then eleven. None of the others have been, nor were the old comics. A few things out of that roster achieved minority adult audiences, but certainly weren't geared to them.
Again, I'm not saying that they SHOULD cater to the 13 and up audience. I'm just worried that this is a how that wouldn't even get the 8 to 12 audience either, considering that Hasbro is explicitly targeting younger than that.

And coming off of the violence-fest that is the movie, that makes no sense to me.
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