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Originally posted by Denyer
Twenty years and counting.
Well, hey, at least we can see the animation sequences of their transform... oh, crap, they aped the 'Tasmanian Devil' sequences from the Gobots cartoon too...

Until now, each line, for me, has had hit or miss features to it. If this is the main aesthetic for the new cartoon, it will be the first one that I can unequivocally say 'sucks' to the entire line with.

But, like I said, the 'camp' that thinks that everything 'next year' is always the most awesome thing ever and can't WAIT to get their lips around Aaron Archer's penis is already hard at work saying 'no no, the cartoon will be GREAT, you'll see!'

Sure, the cartoon could have good writing and great voice acting, but so did Samurai Jack and Clone Wars, and I found both of those shows to be nigh unwatchable due to the atrocious art.
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