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Smile IDW Beast Wars to have follow-up mini + profile book

People who've got #4 will already know this, but a bit of extra info courtesy of Ben Yee...
Hi folks,

This project is still in the works and not due out for a bit, so I can't give the farm away. Just wanted to offer some factoids:

* I am writing a Beast Wars profiles book with Simon Furman (some folks wondered if it was some *other* Ben Yee).
* Issue #1 of the BW mini gives you a hint as to whether Japanese characters will be in the books.
* The profiles will NOT just be the guys (and gals) who appeared in the TV show (because that would be one very thin book).
* There will be G1 homages and yes, characters (who became BW characters) in the book such as Grimlock. However, they are in the minority.
* This is not some haphazard assembly of characters. Before writing a single profile, Simon and I worked up an entire backstory for the Maxies and Preds taking the TV show and Beast Machines (to a lesser degree) into account.

I hope you all enjoy what you see as time goes along. We are trying to produce something cool with these profiles. If I can reveal more (or even better, hopefully IDW themselves reveal more in the coming months) I'll post it on the front page or in here.

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