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Originally posted by inflatable dalek
It simplifies things that Verity doesn't have a family to worry about
I assume Hunter and Jimmy do, though... and Verity must have some stop-offs; or not have been AWOL for very long this time...

Originally posted by Cliffjumper
The problem is that Marvel/DC's biggest characters do tend to suffer from a lack of this sort of detailing... for the likes of Batman/Wolverine, it's probably a way of keeping them at arms' length, but it is pretty poor that I own about a hundred issues of Spider-Man and couldn't tell you what he does to unwind.
Mmm, I remember Excalibur / Captain Britain being a lot more comfortable in its skin. The characters that haven't been through so many retcons yet, so many writing and art teams, etc. generally hold up a lot better to charges of inconsistency, and have enough detailing that they aren't simply shapes and stock responses trotted out to equally stock villains.

Originally posted by Cliffjumper
The smiley face was there for a reason
Mmm. Not all of the responses are direct -- a fair few are for the peanut gallery, really -- and there are readers out there who apparently failed to spot the TFs left, right and centre. Less so on this board, thankfully. Lends a bit of credence to the alt-modes being disguises, I suppose...

Originally posted by Cliffjumper
One moment he's capable of evading jets and Battlechargers, next he's falling for the old smoking crater.
We know he's read Blitzwing's files (or something similar; if you're truly familiar with a foe, talking to yourself about what they're capable of is much more redundant) but not if he's ever shot down a triple-changer before.

They'd all be issued with data on probable opposition on Earth, but the Autobots are an advance team keeping track of things rather than having heavy-hitters.
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