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Originally posted by Denyer
Would've felt like human-stuffing, and we did get backgrounds... Jimmy's was just particularly glib. "I'm a born natural when it comes to mechanics. <nothing personal, just think quotes shoudln't tower over responses >(And also not be targeted for revenge/murder by the Decepticons.) This'd all be after #6, really.

Hmmm, I think that if all the "development" devoted to Avril was spread mroe evenly across the three, it'd have worked out a lot better.

Avengers (which I can only take your word for -- The Ultimates is the only time the characters have grabbed me), X-Factor and StormWatch are exceptions to a rule. The rule with Marvel apparently now being "Nike gave us lots of money. Lots of our characters like Nike. The others we killed (but they'll be back next issue.) Cha-cha-cha."
Hmm, again, harsh, I just don't think it necessary to plough through a lot of back issues to refresh my memory enough to reel off a list fo titles (though Excalibur, 90s Captain Marvel, Gen X and Iron Man all spring to mind)... The problem is that Marvel/DC's biggest characters do tend to suffer from a lack of this sort of detailing... for the likes of Batman/Wolverine, it's probably a way of keeping them at arms' length, but it is pretty poor that I own about a hundred issues of Spider-Man and couldn't tell you what he does to unwind.

And they're there, with an emphasis on the 'transform' part. Some people apparently had difficulty reading the speech balloons that weren't next to a robot head, or assumed the humans were still talking, but there've definitely been Transformers.
The smiley face was there for a reason

He clearly doesn't and is hoofing it.
It's not so clear, though, is it? One moment he's capable of evading jets and Battlechargers, next he's falling for the old smoking crater.

State Games mentions "natural death" (whatever exactly that involves) as having been unknown for at least thousands of years. TMUK concocted the idea of circuit-burn (a point of no return beyond which parts couldn't simply be augmented or replaced, and the only way around would be to personality copy -- eg, Nightbeat -- which seems something TFs are socially resistant to, probably with a view to clear demarcation between AI and robots accorded citizenship.)
Yeh, my view had always been that there are some circuits (brain module, or somesuch) that would eventually burn out and were unique or unfixable.
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