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Originally posted by Cliffjumper
The thing that always got me is that, say, Jazz is still somehow Mr Big when they all meet up again afterwards, despite someone like, say, Topspin having potentially notched up four million years' more in combat. It's actually pretty hard to believe that the tech stood still long enough in a war that the Ark/"Nemesis" crew weren't utterly obsolete by the time they woke up... Hell, it's only the continuity-bothering references to Thunderwing and Predaking kicking around in ye olden days on Cybertron that show there was any advancement beyond the Transforming robot, and yet six issues after he wakes up Grapple can knock out Omega Supreme...
Exactly. That feeling has always been hard to shake off. It means that the head honchos that everyone thinks are great Prime and Megs had very little influence on the war and some guy named Trannis did stuff why they were sleeping. In fact excluding g2 how many issues is megatron seen being in command of his earthbound troops. And after 4 million years of war neither sideís soldiers would have anything to smile about and surely the roles which side play would have begin to blur, something touched upon in g2. Its one of the only plus points about the cartoon. They just expect you to leave your mind at the door so the continuity mistakes/bad animation etc doesn't matter. And itís why a "Trendy" transformers comic like Infiltration will suffer if it goes down that path

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