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Originally posted by Cliffjumper

Hopefully they won't be bound to the gap, as four million years always sounded like a stupidly large number. It's pretty difficult to see how a planet could mount the resources for a thousand year war. In some ways the comic's more realistic approach throws this into sharper relief (was the gap ever mentioned exlpictly in the kids show?), as you've got the existance of non-conventional weapons from an early stage, and the idea of complacent Decepticon leaders loses credibility after a point.
I have to say that the 4 million year gap has always been the most sickening pet hate I have about the marvel comics. Its just too long. I could blabber on for hours why but most of these reasons are obvious so[/build up to rant] I seriously hope the Transformers aren't and cannot be as old as they are in the old comics. I mean how is Hotrod a younge gun, hot shot etc. Surely after a few 100 year years let alone his actual age he would have become a hardened soldier. And I don't buy Kup being an old coot on the same basis

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