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Originally posted by Denyer
It would be nice to get commensurate flashbacks occasionally for Hunter/Jimmy, as they're both kind of orbiting Verity at the moment.
This is parrt of my problem... thus far O'Potato has been around to go "Wow, Avril, you're nucking futs!" while Jimmy's been around to... Erm, well, I'm pretty sure he had a purpose beyond a single Sparkplug homage scene. Moderately sure. He might have. The thing is, the time to give us background on these was during #0-4. By all rights there should be too much going on in #5-6 to have room for justifying Jimmy's existance, especially as Hunter's The One Who's Going To Get It Together And Save Avril.

I'd have to get past actively disliking the Avengers, but Peter David is indeed a strong (if rare) exception to the rule. Most generally seem as subtle as Robbie Morrison on The Authority.
Well, to actively dislike the Avengers is your perogative, but you can't deny it happens There's generally some flavourings to most of the comics I've read more than once, which might not be the bottom of the barrel, but certainly isn't the cream (w00t, mixed metaphor?).

dumb references to hunting turbo-foxes or similar.
Aye... though dumb as they are, at least they're trying. It's as laudable as engineering a character with a comedy surname as a cheap shortcut to "this guy's been the butt of jokes all his life", I suppose. Part of the problem with Transformers is they're often simply given human pastimes with "cyber", "astro" or "robo" stuck on the front. It's not quite as galling as all those times in the cartoon that someone would get shot in the chest and babble on about how their transmission/handbrake/furry dice were hit, but it's close.

Mmm. For the remainder of this arc, at least. Subtitle a book Infiltration and you expect a cold war; subtitle it Escalation and more characters|panels|action are expected.
Well, if we're going by titles, I did expect a few Transformers. Ooooh I know, I'm a terror

Indeed... on one hand, Ratchet has probably made one or two stupid mistakes in the past, but he may equally not have encountered triple-changers except in reports and Autobot intelligence profiles.
See, though, dude, the comic should be telling us this, you shouldn't be having to make so many "maybes"... Not when we've had four issues to build up Ratchet's character and we're still left wondering whether he actually has a clue what he's doing.

It remains to be seen if the war has been active for millions of years, since they didn't crash four ago. I'd think their functional immortality (barring massive trauma) is something Furman probably won't mess with, but the race may have been at relative peace until a few centuries ago, say.
Hopefully they won't be bound to the gap, as four million years always sounded like a stupidly large number. It's pretty difficult to see how a planet could mount the resources for a thousand year war. In some ways the comic's more realistic approach throws this into sharper relief (was the gap ever mentioned exlpictly in the kids show?), as you've got the existance of non-conventional weapons from an early stage, and the idea of complacent Decepticon leaders loses credibility after a point.
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