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Originally posted by Commander Shockwav
That would be awesome if in this continuity Megatron was not yet top dog and we seen his ascension throughout the Decepticon ranks. I like your idea Stu. Hope IDW uses this.
All I meant was that the situation is an unknown, but I doubt very much he's a single autocrat -- one individual can't functionally control power. I'd expect a council affair, with Megatron having the support of much of it (even if most have their own agendas as well, would possibly rather he was out of the way, etc.)

Originally posted by Commander Shockwav
One thing is for sure. I'll be judging this next issue with the kid gloves off. Things have to happen, or I'm going to be pissed. I want to see Starscream talk. I want to see what happens to Ratchet. Please, somebody die. Show some Decepticon interaction. I want to know more of what's going on. Not all the mysteries, but some answers.
Mmm. Needs revelation, although we're getting a far more constant dripfeed of information than in, say, Dark Ages or DWG1. It's time for Starscream's discovery to be made public, and hopefully be plausible... we know Earth has power sources, but so does the rest of the universe. Crashed old Cybertronian tech is a possible, but would have to be well-introduced if not to be hokey.
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