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Originally posted by Commander Shockwav

One thing is for sure. I'll be judging this next issue with the kid gloves off. Things have to happen, or I'm going to be pissed. I want to see Starscream talk. I want to see what happens to Ratchet. Please, somebody die. Show some Decepticon interaction. I want to know more of what's going on. Not all the mysteries, but some answers.
I believe you're the first person in transformers history to use the phrase, "I want to see Starscream talk". There's no point in killing anyone unless there's a point/meaning to it. Furman has yet to make me care about any of the human cast and probably less for the Transformer cast. 0 point in deaths unless it contributes somehow to the mood/story ands even then it should be handled meaningfully. Plus a feeble death can result in some of the most cringe worthy scenes in comics. Wait for the last issue for any major deaths {None spring to mind} Having Ratchet kill a human(s) by accident or through necessity {maybe Down to Prowl’s orders which results in their death etc etc etc) could be an interesting scene and the affect of their death on Ratchet, if handled well, could be interesting. I know this sort of thing’s been done before, but it’s a nice ally for this Ratchet to go down.

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