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Thing is, I keep saying to myself that "the next issue had better be the one that keeps going". Really, any non-TF limited series would have had, say, two issues to impress me enough to buy the rest. I think that's one of the things that bothers me the most about Infiltration - it shows me up for being a completist whore. If this thing had been about, I dunno, erm... a comic I read now (Planetary! Knew there was one!), I'd have dropped it by now. Actually, Planetary's a good comparison of the sort of pace I'd prefer. It's not all mental action sequences and three-inch speech bubbles, but it can move in 22 pages (and always has done). In some ways it's not fair to compare them to each other, but in the same way it's not really fair to compare anything to anything else, so what you gonna do?

Wow, that post was nTo-esque in its' null-and-voidicity. Erm, sorry.
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