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Originally posted by Denyer

Megatron's place in Decepticon hierarchy this time around hasn't yet been established,
Hmm. That would be awesome if in this continuity Megatron was not yet top dog and we seen his ascension throughout the Decepticon ranks. I like your idea Stu. Hope IDW uses this. If not now, maybe as an anthology?

Predictions / general comments... #5 needs some exposition from Starscream. Is it possible that Ratchet's corpse / deactivated body will be retrieved by the M corporation? Is it possible IDW are bluffing that none of the humans will die? Am I just a bit too eager to see characters permanently written out for sake of dramatic consequence? (But after some grounding dialogue, rather than just flinging Super- uh, the Aerialbots to his^P^P^Ptheir deaths without any setup to make us give a damn. Ratchet is therefore current strongest TF contender.)
One thing is for sure. I'll be judging this next issue with the kid gloves off. Things have to happen, or I'm going to be pissed. I want to see Starscream talk. I want to see what happens to Ratchet. Please, somebody die. Show some Decepticon interaction. I want to know more of what's going on. Not all the mysteries, but some answers.
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