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Originally posted by Brimstone
Does it make me a bad fan?

As it's a movie tie in and it will be a videogame adaption of pre-established storyline (eventually!) it's more than likely going to be on rails, with little or no deviation from the movie's plot.

That's not to say there wont be elements original to the game that are 'inspired' from the movie, but plot wise, I think the developers aren't going to have much too much leeway.

Still it's what they do with it that matters, alot of games based on movies seem to be 'paint by numbers' affairs. In fact I personally can't think of one movie adaption that has been innovative/any good*, they all tend to be no brainer arcade/platform types.

Although the 'Armada' game was pretty funky, so who knows, maybe they'll draw inspiration from that?

* Apart from 'Moonwalker' obviously!

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