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Originally posted by Sociopathic Autobot
Rumble is Blue. The comics and Japanese are just crazy.
most crazy people thin everyone's crazy...

Originally posted by Nevermore
More potential news:
hmmmm, jaguar alt.[/homer simpson]

Hasbro UK didn't want to release Prowl or Skids is because, "There are not many Integras and Scions plying british roads" A bit stupid since they seem to be interested in Prime whoes a dodge RAM
this is the most nonsensical reason i've ever heard, like someone sees a cool transformer but is like "too bad it's a car i don't know, or else i would've bought it." add on that we in the the netherlands got smokescreen, swindle and windcharger, while i've almost never seen a subaru, jeep wrangler or honda in the netherlands.
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