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Got the Runamuck/Runabout cover and the Bumblebee cover. They both harken back to the Marvel UK and US style of covers, which I like.

Let's start with the good points. The purpose of an introductory issue is to set the tone of the story and develop the characters. It does that, mostly with the human cast. Su's pencilling is good at telling the story, and overall the artwork is good. In the Figueroa era, this says a lot. Finally, there is ample comedic relief with the Arnold automaton. Well done.

Now to the criticisms. Let me say that though my criticisms may come across as harsh, I'm not basing a real opinion of this series on a single issue so early in the game. After the first arc, then we can start talking about whether IDW delivers or not. But we have to give them a chance to strut their stuff.

Now, on to the criticisms. Firstly, I really couldn't tell a difference in this first issue from issue #0. When you pick up this issue, you hope that in some way it separates itself from #0 or at least moves the story along more. It really is more of the same of #0, that is, setting up the human cast with a few TF battles involving Ratchet thrown in. I mean, what more do we learn? Nothing really, just the things we knew in #0, that is, Verity is a runaway who stole a computer, Hunter is convinced there are extravehicular beings, the Battlechargers are after Ratchet because of that stolen computer, and Thundercracker is there too. Now how is this different from #0? It's not.

Not that this sort of reinforcement is necessarily bad. I can be patient. Problem is, much of the Transformers fandom isn't, and I'm sure they would have hoped for something more than just #0 over again. Fans of Marvel and Dreamwave, like myself, will have to develop a little more patience with this kind of pacing.

Overall, it's not bad and I would give it a B-. Remember, Marvel #1 started off in a similar fashion with Buster and Bumblebee, and Dreamwave's first issue didn't have a single fist thrown or laser fired. Take Chris's word for it, things are going to heat up in issue #2. We're not dealing with Pat Lee here. Chris and IDW haven't lied to us before, and I don't think they will now. I have faith in IDW.

Looking forward to #2 and the faster pace of things.
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